Microsoft Windows 7 Compatibility

Windows 7 notes for all versions of Reference Manager:

We have informally tested Reference Manager with Windows 7, and had reports from many customers using Windows 7. No major compatibility issues beyond the currently known Vista issues were found. Note that old versions of Reference Manager (9.5 and earlier) were not tested and are not supported at this time.

We will continue to update this page should any issues be discovered.

Note that any instructions or tutorial steps for Reference Manager referencing Vista can be used with Windows 7.

Microsoft Windows Vista Compatibility

Reference Manager 12

Reference Manager 12 is compatible with Windows Vista.

Reference Manager 11.0.1 and earlier

Based on our tests with Reference Manager versions 9.5, 10.0.1, and 11.0.1, we have identified the following compatibility issues between Reference Manager and Microsoft Windows Vista. It is possible to install and run these versions of Reference Manager without Vista-specific compatibility issues with the exceptions listed below. Reference Manager versions prior to 9.5 have not been tested for compatibility as these older versions are no longer supported. Earlier Reference Manager versions may be upgraded for continued compatibility.

Standard user settings in Vista make changes impossible in the Program Files folder. Reference Manager Databases and files saved within the Program Files/Reference Manager folder are saved in a hidden location. We recommend saving all Databases and files in your Documents folder.

If you encounter a technical problem and you are running Windows Vista, please report it to technical support. We will do our best to resolve the issue or find an acceptable workaround. We will post information about any known Vista compatibility issues here.

Known Windows Vista Compatibility Issues

1. The location of the Word Startup folder is different on a Vista PC than previous versions of Windows, so the Cite While You Write (CWYW) tools may need to be manually installed. Click here for instructions.

2. When using the Import Filter Editor, after editing an import filter and clicking Save, you will get an error message "Cannot save modifications to an RIS import filter." regardless of which filter is being edited. However, after clicking OK you should be able to save the changes.

3. With the Network version of Reference Manager 11 and a Standard User account, Reference Manager will not launch the first time you try, and will give an error 1711.

4. Running "Configure Reference Manager" under a Standard User account will prompt you to enter an Administrator username and password. The tools for Word will then install for that Administrator account, not for the Standard User account.

5. Be sure to update to the latest patch available for your version of Reference Manager, which can be found here under Updates, Patches, & Content Files.

6. The Help file in Reference Manager requires the WinHlp32.exe which is not included by default in Vista, but can be downloaded here.

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